Our Service

Find out what to expect from our service here at Access Technology North...

Step 1: Referral 

The majority of our referrals come from solicitors, but we do receive enquiries from parents, schools, other consultants and organisations. We find out a little bit of information about you and if we feel that assistive technology may be able to help you, we then book an initial assessment, one at your home and one at your school.


Step 2: Initial Assessment

Our consultants will meet and work with you, your support staff, parents/carers and other professionals in your home and school to work out what you would like to achieve and what might be holding you back.


Step 3: Recommendation Report

After meeting you, one of our consultants will write a report  suggesting the ways that technology could help you to be more independent at school, at home and during your leisure time.


Step 4: Approval

Once your recommendation report is written, we share this with  your legal team, parents/carers and other professionals and wait to find out how they would like us to help you.


Step 5: Intervention

This is the fun bit.  Once we receive the o.k. we can begin implementing our ideas with you.  Our consultants work to enable you to access technology, learn to navigate your device(s) and develop the confidence to independently apply your knowledge and skills  in a variety of settings. (See our A.T Pathway to find out more about this.) Every time we introduce some new tech, our consultants like to book in a few sessions with you to check that you are happy and that your support staff, parents, carers and teachers know how they can best support you.


Step 6: Review

We regularly review how you’re getting on.  Sometimes we need to make changes to devices, invent new ones or change the way things are setup to make life easier for you.  Sometimes you, we, a parent/carer or another professional may identify another area of your life that technology could benefit and support you.  Our consultants write review reports every term to share with you, your family and team of professionals to make sure you’re getting the most from our input.


On-going: Technical Support, Advice & Guidance

Our consultants can’t be with you all the time so it’s really important that your family, support staff, teachers and other professionals know how to help you with your device(s).  Our consultants provide training to make sure this can happen.

Technology is awesome and once you start using your device(s) the thought of life without your tech can seem really hard. Sometimes your device may break-down or stop working as it should and we know how distressing that is.  We’re here to find a solution as quickly as we can.  We’re available on the telephone and via email Monday-Friday 9-5pm.  If it’s something we can fix, we’ll aim to get one of our consultants out to you as soon as possible.