Notability noteworthy?

Here at access: technology we know how important it is to give hardware, software, Apps and the like a thorough test drive, to ensure we’re recommending the absolute best thing for each client’s needs. Every so often you come across new things in this space which really get you to thinking about how this could […]

Where are my keys?

We’ve all been in a situation where we have lost something… Our phone, wallet, keys… marbles… In my case it’s usually my door key and is generally at the very bottom of my handbag (and yes, it is a typical ladies’ handbag where I carry everything but the kitchen sink!) For those of you that […]

Have you heard about Pictello?

One of the many questions I regularly get asked is “how can my child follow instructions without me constantly having to give them step by step instructions?” Most commonly this is usually relating to cleaning, using the washing machine, or cooking. Pictello is a social stories app (available for iOS 11.4 or later) and is […]