Nearly two years on from the start of the pandemic, it could be said we’ve all got a bit of a pandemic hangover. Maybe we’ve struggled to maintain the motivational get-up-and-go attitude that swept the nation (from within the boundaries of your humble abode, of course) – sound familiar? Well, not to Tyler Jessop.

Tyler has recently turned 18, is registered with a visual impairment and is a wheelchair user. This man has set out to host his own podcasts and regularly updates his personal website with poetry. Thanks to assistive technology, he sends poems via his email system on his synaptic phone. You can find these at:

Tyler has also been working directly with access: technology; creating blogs at the office in a supportive role (also found via the link above), and having composed a special poem for our company Christmas message in 2021.

Technology and media platforms have given Tyler the space to vocalize his thoughts, and, if I do say so myself, he is rather good at it. 

Want to read or hear more? Check out the links below:

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