Josie Banks

Assistive Technology Consultant

Access Technology is a company that welcomes all my previous skills and experience, and gives me the tools to grow and develop whilst I assist our clients in doing the same.

Josie’s career in education and teaching began after graduating from Leeds Beckett University with a degree in events management. During her final year she gained her TEFL certificate and began working as an online TEFL teacher, teaching English to students of all ages from China, Japan and Taiwan. Josie soon realised that working in education was very rewarding and enjoyable, so decided to move from her online classroom to a physical one. Josie worked as a tutor and key worker in an Autism specialist provision where she worked one to one with the children and very closely with the parents to ensure they were working towards their EHCP targets. 

Wanting to take her career further, Josie became a qualified teacher in 2022. During her PGCE she became increasingly frustrated in her mainstream class teacher role because she could not assist children with additional needs as much as she wanted. This frustration led Josie to the decision that she wanted to pursue working more closely with individuals with additional needs. 

In her free time, Josie can be found pottering around her allotment on a sunny evening or attending high intensity gym classes at the crack of dawn. And, if you’re lucky, she may offer you a home grown vegetable!

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