Kahoot as a tool for EyeGaze practise

They call it a journey for a reason. Learning to use EyeGaze as a method to access devices is not always plain sailing. It takes practise, over time, to master the skills to be a smooth and speedy Eyegazer. When embarking on your EyeGaze journey there are a couple of factors to take into consideration. […]

What is digital wellbeing?

Digital technologies and the internet have become enmeshed within the structures of our society. When humans interact with them, our physical, emotion, social and financial wellbeing is impacted upon in both positive and negative ways. Our online behaviours and interactions affect how we think and feel, and this can affect our offline behaviours, interactions and […]

Touch typing has benefits beyond faster typing

Touch typing is defined as the skill of typing using all of your fingers and without looking at the keys. Touch typing is a fantastic skill to improve your speed when typing on a computer. In turn, the obvious benefit is increased productivity. Bashing out hundreds of emails in the blink of an eye – […]