When I joined access: technology, almost one year ago (where did the time go!) my role gave the company the potential to do so much more for our clients. Kelly, one of our lovely Directors, had a vision of bringing our clients together for something so many of them had in common – the love of gaming!

In the beginning we were tentative at first, we wanted to test the waters. So we organised several gaming socials that were purely online. This was a great way to see how many clients would want to take part and it was fairly easy to arrange as most clients had everything they would need to access their games at home. Another bonus, due to our clients living all over the country, this allowed us to remove the geographical hurdle for so many clients as no travelling was involved.

However, the dream was to have an in-person gaming social. For our clients to come together, play some games and make friends. It would also allow for parents and carers of our clients to also meet and get to know each other – with the hope of some support networks forming.

On Tuesday 30th May 2023, we put on our first gaming social in the office. Our wonderful technicians, Rachid and Rosie made sure we had all the equipment required to create several gaming stations. We had Xbox stations, an eyegazing game station and some PCs – something for everyone!

We had several clients join us for the event, and a couple brought their siblings which was lovely to see. They all had a go at the different gaming stations, with some clients getting lost in a battle of the best in Fortnite!

Our meeting room became a break out room for all the parents and carers, who relaxed with a cup of tea and some biscuits and were very content having a natter about their wonderful children.

It was a really great first gaming social and we are busily planning and improving for the next one!