Empowering people through technology

We identify and provide assistive technology solutions for communication, entertainment, learning and independence, to enable individuals to realise their potential and maximise their abilities in all aspects of life.

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Just some of the benefits of Assistive Technology...

Help with learning

Our specialism; enabling access to education and providing innovative ways to write, read and learn.

Help with communication

Communicating face to face or digitally, our team know how to give you the best control over your conversations.

Help with independence

Innovative solutions to ensure you can manage your daily tasks, control your home and take control of your life through Assistive Technology

Help with gaming

Want to beat your friends in Fortnite or build something in Minecraft? We've got you covered.


Best in class professionals

Staffed by qualified teachers, with extensive experience in disability assessment and training, we know how to support children and adults throughout their education and beyond.


Our Pathway to a More Independent Life


Identify the need

We help identify areas where technology can enhance or maintain an individual's independence within their home, education or work settings


Initial assessment

Conducted by our specialist team of Consultants, we meet our clients in their settings to assess their needs and begin to develop a trusting relationship



Our comprehensive and detailed recommendation report is submitted to stakeholders and parents, outlining our recommendations for assistive technology and ongoing support plan


Equipment set up and support

Our Consultants set up, implement safety controls and train our clients and stakeholders on the use of all assistive technology equipment providing continuous client support. Our team offer on call technical support, attend MDT meetings and assist education providers, ensuring as our clients grow, our support and assistance develops with them


Goal setting and management

Understanding each client is essential, our Consultants create tailored goals to assess and track client progression with the main goal of independence at the forefront of their plan

Thought Leadership from World Class Consultants

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