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At Access: technology north we work with disabled children in their home and school environments to provide technology solutions that support and enable communication, entertainment, learning and independence.  

At home...

We work with parents, carers and siblings alongside our clients, to identify ways that technology might make life a little easier. This might be through the use of environmental controls or access to IT equipment for entertainment. Our ultimate aim is to help our clients, through the use of technology, to make choices for themselves, become more independent in their own home and to make life more fun!

At School...

We work with class teachers, learning support and school coordinators to establish barriers to our client’s learning and independence. We make recommendations for equipment, devices and software to reduce the impact of these barriers, to promote inclusion within the classroom and to increase independence in, and access to learning.

Who do we work to support?

  • Medico-legal cases 
  • Children and adults with an acquired brain injury
  • Clients with cerebral palsy, down sydrome, autism, neurological condition, visual impairment, hearing impairment, multi- sensory impairment and/or learning difficulty
  • Any child or adult with a disability or medical condition that would benefit from assistive technology
  • Schools who have pupils on roll with a disability
  • Parents and carers seeking advice, guidance or specific training
  • Speech and language therapists
  • Occupational therapists
  • Charities and other organisations looking for support

How do we work?

We operate in a very similar way to a therapy team, because we've found that providing the best service requires more than a few recommendations and a delivery of some new tech. 

We personalise our approach, offering training for schools, parents and carers alongside specially planned intervention sessions for our clients. We're also on hand for any technical or troubleshooting enquiries.

We want assistive technology to have a long term, positive impact on our clients so we work hard, alongside parents, carers, teachers, learning support and other therapists to ensure that our clients unlock their potential; getting the very best from their technology solutions, at home, in school and for their future.

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