Vacancy – Executive Assistant

Spring 2022 access: technology is an assistive technology consultancy service, based in Ripon, North Yorkshire. We support children and adults with disabilities to become more independent through the use of assessment, provision of technology, intervention and training.  We are recruiting for an Executive Assistant to support the Director of our excellent Assistive Technology Consultancy practice. […]

Vysor Phone Control for Eye Gaze

As a 14 year old girl attending high school, it could be said that building and maintaining social relationships is one of the most important things in the world. Playing on the same apps, visiting the same websites and sending the same cat-filtered selfies as your friends is all part of the experience of growing […]

A(pple) Shortcut to Accessibility

It could be said that the global tech giants have certainly made exceptional progress in recent years to develop their devices and software to consider accessibility from the word go. Rather than finding ways to adapt an existing interface, we are seeing these options built into an ever increasing range of new off-the-shelf products – […]

Last of Us but the Start for Everyone…

Considering Naughty Dog started with two guys in a room hacking into the original PlayStation’s hardware to get it to do what it wasn’t meant to for Crash Bandicoot, The “Last of Us” series has taken game storytelling to next level and has landed Naughty Dog with the accolade of “best developer”. There is good […]

Near and Far: Finding your way back when you “Roam”

A Prologue… For any of you that know me, you will know I am not a massive fan of sport; however, as sport has recently captured the heart of the nation, so too has it captured mine… well, for the duration of this blog at least… and only so far as assistive technology is concerned… […]

access: technology sponsors Leeds Powerchair Football Club

We’re incredibly happy to announce access: technology is now a proud sponsor of Leeds Powerchair Football Club (LPFC). The club – formed in 2012 after the London Olympic Games – comprises of over 25 members who compete at all levels of this unique and diverse sport. Our very own Assistive Technology Ambassador, Al Haigh, is […]

The Literacy Experience

The experience of literacy or a literacy lesson can differ for children and young people across the board. You would be forgiven for thinking that a national curriculum and standardised set of expectations for all, is perhaps not the most effective means of achieving universal success. However, instead of using this platform to discuss an […]


We believe “technology is the great equaliser”. We live in an amazing time, where the vast majority of physical and cognitive limitations can be overcome, if not completely mitigated by the use of assistive technology. With the ongoing evolution of technological solutions, it is becoming progressively easier to interact with the world regardless of an […]