Notability noteworthy?

Here at access: technology we know how important it is to give hardware, software, Apps and the like a thorough test drive, to ensure we’re recommending the absolute best thing for each client’s needs. Every so often you come across new things in this space which really get you to thinking about how this could […]

Where are my keys?

We’ve all been in a situation where we have lost something… Our phone, wallet, keys… marbles… In my case it’s usually my door key and is generally at the very bottom of my handbag (and yes, it is a typical ladies’ handbag where I carry everything but the kitchen sink!) For those of you that […]

Have you heard about Pictello?

One of the many questions I regularly get asked is “how can my child follow instructions without me constantly having to give them step by step instructions?” Most commonly this is usually relating to cleaning, using the washing machine, or cooking. Pictello is a social stories app (available for iOS 11.4 or later) and is […]

Harrogate Library offers access to InPrint Software

As we are based up in North Yorkshire, it was amazing to hear that Harrogate Library offers access to InPrint Software (Formerly Communicate in Print) as part of their services! They even provide free training to those looking to better their use of this excellent software, which we are thrilled to hear is available in the area. InPrint 3 […]

Once Upon A Picture: iOS and ‘Live Text’

You may have noticed in one of the recent iOS updates the inclusion of ‘Live Text’ in your photos. This is a really cool addition that allows your camera to detect text within an image, enabling you to use the text just like you would with text on a website or a message on your […]

A post from Andrew…

When you’re that good with your tech that you can use two EyeGaze devices at the same time… This is not the usual setup for this client (nor should it necessarily be for anyone) for many reasons (the positioning of the second device is far from ideal, the potential for accidental presses on both devices is enormous, […]

Symbol Support with Widgit Online

To promote this year’s World Autism Acceptance Week (28th March – 3rd April) I would like to talk about one of my favourite resources, Widgit Online.  Widgit Online is, as the name suggests, a web based package using Widgit symbols.  Providing visual support to those on the spectrum is important as it provides structure and […]

Vacancy – Assistive Technology Assistant (SEN Learning Support)

access: technology is an assistive technology consultancy service, based in Ripon, North Yorkshire. We support children and adults with disabilities to become more independent through the use of technology, intervention and training. We are recruiting for an Assistive Technology Assistant, starting in April 2022 to provide ongoing support for our clients in their homes and […]

Top Tips: Using your MacBook

Erica: We’ve recently shared a short video of our Ambassador Al Haigh’s first client facing appointment. I felt extremely privileged to be a part of that first appointment, not just because it was my client, but it was truly amazing to see the benefits Amy got from being able to ask questions to someone who […]