Guest post by our client, Jack Taylor.

Hey everyone! So, I've been trying out this new access controller recently and wanted to share my thoughts on it, especially comparing it to the Xbox Adaptive Controller which I’ve used quite a bit.

What’s Good:

First off, the modularity of this controller is a massive plus. It’s super easy to rearrange the buttons how I like, which is pretty similar to the flexibility the Xbox Adaptive Controller offers. The wireless setup is a breeze too, thanks to Bluetooth – no messy wires to deal with!

In terms of value, the joysticks on this controller really give you a bang for your buck. Unlike the Xbox Adaptive Controller, you don't need to buy additional accessories like the joysticks separately, which is a huge win.

But… It’s Not All Perfect:

Now onto the downsides. The joysticks, although useful, are a bit too easy to detach. I’ve had a couple of moments where they’ve come off during gameplay, which is super annoying.

Also, the tiny buttons require quite a bit of dexterity to manage. I definitely prefer the larger buttons on the Xbox controller – they’re just easier to handle. And there's no way to swap out the joystick heads for different shapes or sizes; I miss the option of using something like a golf ball head for better grip.

Another bummer is that the joystick and centre button don’t offer any modularity – the joystick has a fixed orientation and the centre button is always marked as 'X'. And, to make full use of the system, you end up having to buy two controllers, which isn’t ideal.

Setting it up was also a bit of a hassle. Getting used to the orientation and profile settings took longer than I expected, which was a bit frustrating.

Final thoughts:

Now that I’ve had a chance to try out the new PS5 controlled, honestly, it’s surprisingly accessible. It’s lightweight, fits well in the hand, and is generally easier to use. If only it had customizable joysticks, it could have been a game-changer!

So, that’s my take on the new access controller. It has its perks, especially with the joysticks, but some aspects could definitely be improved. If you're considering one, weigh these points carefully! Happy gaming!