Are you a parent or professional looking for relevant information to help you support your children and teens access the internet and social media in a safe but positive way?

Perhaps you need a “hip and happin’” approach to get those moody teens on board with what you’re here to say!

Let me signpost you to several online resources that will help your kids buy in to internet safety, digital wellbeing and screen time balance.

Centre for Humane Technology - Creators of the social media documentary, “The Social Dilemma”, ex-Google employees founded this company with a mission to align technology with humanity’s best interests, where technology respects our attention, improves our wellbeing and strengthens communities. Check out their:

Youth Toolkit

A series of videos and guides discussing how social media really works and offers a roadmap to to fix the “broken social media environment”

#Halfthestory is a non-profit on a mission to teach teens to flourish in the digital age. They work with schools and individuals to educate people about the relationship between their emotional health and digital habits. Check out their program aimed at educational institutions:

Social Media U

Their social media accounts and website also offer lots of tips and tricks to improve your digital habits for a happier, healthier you!

The phone network EE is offering more guidance and education for parents and children. Staying safe online, and how to navigate getting your first phone is just a couple of the guides they offer. They are also focusing on making the internet a fun and safe space for children to learn.

EE Learn - Education for all

There is also guidance on how to work online in a way that is in harmony with your digital wellbeing and even how to run a smart home!