I'm known for getting some of the more unusual requests, and recently I had a slightly unusual query from a 15 year old client who wanted to be able to dry her own hair independently, she's at the age where she is wanting to experiment with hairstyles and makeup.

For most people this is a relatively straightforward task and not exactly techy. However, she is extremely noise sensitive, has a very short concentration span and due to her cerebral palsy her arm strength and fine motor skills are significantly reduced.

After consultation with the OT I introduced a Dyson hairdryer, these are significantly quieter compared to a standard hair dryer and dry hair a lot quicker reducing both the time exposed to the noise and the length of time that it is needing to be held.

Whilst they are relatively light I also introduced a stand so that she could sit in front of it whilst it is positioned in the stand meaning that she didn't even need to hold the hair dryer.

She is now extremely proud of the fact that she can dry her own hair which is a massive achievement!