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One of the many questions I regularly get asked is “how can my child follow instructions without me constantly having to give them step by step instructions?” Most commonly this is usually relating to cleaning, using the washing machine, or cooking.

Pictello is a social stories app (available for iOS 11.4 or later) and is ideal for creating bespoke step by step instructions. It is a paid for app but for less than £20 its worth it.

How does it work?

It allows you to create story pages. You can insert your own photos, video’s even your own audio recordings as well as type your written instruction. What is really clever is that it will allow you to view one page at a time and will read the text out that you have written, which is ideal for someone who struggles to read whole sentences back.

Is it easy to use?

It’s easy to use and has a wizard mode which basically talks you through how to create your story. It can be used to create personalised recipes, record events, personalised instructions for using household appliances. I’ve even used it recently to create a routine for showering with their device in a fully waterproof case, meaning that a client could shower completely independently for the first time ever. Which as a teenager you don’t really want to have someone in the bathroom telling you what to do next!

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