Introducing Jack Taylor (our first ever work placement student)

Earlier this summer, we were very privileged to have our first ever student on work placement at access: technology HQ. Jack is in Year 10 in secondary school and extremely passionate about technology. He uses it to access his work at school (in the form of a Windows Surface) and is an avid gamer.

On Jack’s first day, he took part in a team meeting, which was brilliant! Having a user perspective on equipment (particularly the Xbox) was a fantastic insight; he even did some research-based actions from the meeting.

Later that afternoon, Jack got to meet our very own AT Ambassador Al Haigh. He was extremely interested in Al’s role as it is something that he would like to do in the future. Both Al and Jack then rounded their day up with a ‘research related’ gaming session for Jack’s productive review of the Adaptive Controller.

With the help of Lucy Brunskill (AT Consultant), Jack designed and 3D printed a holder for his Xbox controller. Furthermore, he then got to experience a client-facing intervention visit with Andrew Simpson (Senior AT Consultant), which in the words of Jack was ‘brilliant’.

Check out Jack’s product review here>>