We’ve all been in a situation where we have lost something… Our phone, wallet, keys… marbles… In my case it’s usually my door key and is generally at the very bottom of my handbag (and yes, it is a typical ladies’ handbag where I carry everything but the kitchen sink!)

For those of you that have an iPhone, Apple AirTags are great little devices which you can attach to your keys and will pair with your phone via Bluetooth (so it doesn’t use any of your Data) and will even show on an apple watch if you have one. They are easy to set up and as soon as you pull the protective battery strip out it usually appears on your phone asking if you want to pair it.

Once set up, if you have lost your item with your AirTag attached, simply go to the find my app on your iPhone or Apple watch, select the missing item and press play sound. A sound will then be emitted from the AirTag making it easy for you to find. It will also give you directions to its last known location. Making it useful to attach to pets and bikes in case they are lost or stolen. It can also be set to send you a notification if you have left it behind. Or you can enable lost mode which means that when your AirTag is detected by a device in the network it will send you a notification. 

Furthermore, it’s possible to set it to send a message so that if you lose your item someone with an NFC-capable smartphone (that’s the same technology that lets people use their phone to pay contactless in shops) can tap your AirTag to view your message.

Check them out here….