Recently I attended an initial assessment with a client at a school who were using Colourful Semantics. 

Colourful Semantics is an approach used to teach children about sentence building and sentence structure. Different parts of a sentence, such as the verbs, nouns and adjectives, are colour coded. The sentence cues of Who? What doing? What? Where? can be used alongside a visual stimulus.

There is a lot of information out there which can explain this in much more detail which I will place on the bottom of this post.

Coming from a teaching background I am familiar with the time it takes to create resources for colourful semantics. In the past I would create the symbols I would need all with the right coloured background. I would then print, laminate and cut the symbols. I would then sometimes even add Velcro to the reverse. If this is sounding familiar to you then please rest assured that there is another way which can cut the time it takes to make the resources as well as being able to include the pupil in the process at the same time. All this is done using Clicker.

In my video I will guide you through creating a Clicker Sentence Set for Julie Donaldson’s story Zog. I hope you enjoy.

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