Guest Post by client Ben Rutherford

I am Ben Rutherford writing on behalf of Access Technology. I am writing today to show you how I navigate my way through Grand Theft Auto 5 with my accessible controllers to drive and customise my cars in GTA 5.

So, without further ado let’s get it started.

So, I spawn into my garage. With all my vehicles. My favourite is not in this garage, but it is an Oppressor Motorcycle.

And I pick a car and you walk up to it. To get in I press Y

Then I press X (might be different on your controller) and that’s my gas pedal to drive to Los Santos customs. This is a shop in the game where you can customise your vehicles.

I arrived at the shop, I click A to repair if I need to.

Then I can customise, and then exit when I’m done and that’s all!

I am Ben Rutherford, and hopefully you have learned something about GTA 5.