Harrogate Library offers access to InPrint Software

Harrogate Library

As we are based up in North Yorkshire, it was amazing to hear that Harrogate Library offers access to InPrint Software (Formerly Communicate in Print) as part of their services! They even provide free training to those looking to better their use of this excellent software, which we are thrilled to hear is available in the area.

InPrint 3 allows users to create and edit symbol based resources customised for users, using the Widgit directory, and allowing uploads of specific images alongside. Why not explore creating your own visual planners, now and next boards, or just about any document? Your local library may even offer this service too!

Lucy Brunskill

Lucy Brunskill

Lucy is an Assistive Technology Consultant here at access: technology, with a passion for 3D design / printing and skiing. She can be contacted directly at lucy@accesstechnology.co.uk

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