I recently delivered an Elklan e-learning course entitled “Supporting Children and Adults Using AAC”.

Each week, learners completed an e-learning session independently using an online learning portal.

After each e-learning session, learners were asked to join a Zoom meeting to discuss the week's learning with other course members. Following the Zoom meeting, learners were asked to complete an e-learning log, answering questions and summarising their learning in practice that week.

The course has enabled learners to build their awareness of the types of AAC and the skills needed for AAC users to use their aids effectively. Covering skills to develop an individual’s use of paper-based and power-based communication systems, learners have developed their ability to use techniques and strategies to support the AAC user and encourage communication.

I hope to deliver another course in the Spring. If you are interested in learning more, please contact tom.mc@accesstechnology.co.uk