It is universally acknowledged that we, as humans, learn most effectively when we are engaged and having fun! Finding new ways to push the envelope of play therapy is always really exciting, especially when there is a little tech twist…

Lego have released Braille Bricks; a set of Lego bricks designed to develop braille skills in children with visual impairments and their families. By designing the correct braille code emboss onto the Lego brick shape that we are all familiar with, everyone can begin or develop their skills by incorporating braille into play.

The bricks are printed with the corresponding number or letter code, so that families and friends can all play and learn together.

The bricks are compatible with existing Lego products, so the creative possibilities are endless here, but to get started, Lego have provided some video ideas to support early introduction of these Braille bricks. These range from simple yet effective ‘Rock Paper Scissors’ using the corresponding letters of these words to select your answer, right up to challenges to build and name cities! The Lego Braille Bricks site is well worth visiting to find over 100 activity ideas.

For a company that has always championed creativity and exploration, it is a great inclusion to make the Lego world even more accessible! They’ve even created an online course for educators, so that learning through play can be truly maximised.

If you’re a true Lego enthusiast, don’t forget to check out the BrickIt app, which we have shared previously, where piles of your Lego bricks can be turned into step by step models!