Symbol Support with Widgit Online

To promote this year’s World Autism Acceptance Week (28th March – 3rd April) I would like to talk about one of my favourite resources, Widgit Online

A visual timetable for the week using symbols

Widgit Online is, as the name suggests, a web based package using Widgit symbols. 

Providing visual support to those on the spectrum is important as it provides structure and routine and can reduce anxiety. Providing symbol timetables for those who are pre-readers, or even struggling readers, can help them to access and understand information more easily. 

Visual timetables, ‘Now and Next’ boards and behavioural expectations are just some examples of symbol support that can be created in Widgit Online. 

Personally, I like Widgit Online as it is relatively easy to use and it can be accessed from a computer or tablet. Pair an iPad with a bluetooth printer and you have a really quick and simple way of creating a paper based version to help with an unexpected change or transition. 

Widgit Online has a 21 day free trial. Thereafter it costs £5 a month for one home user licence, or you can save even more with an annual subscription.

For more information on how to sign up, visit Widgit Online.

Tom McDonald

Tom McDonald

Tom is an Assistive Technology Consultant here at access: technology, with a passion for communication and music. He can be contacted directly at

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