his isn’t a brand new piece of kit, but is very much an old favourite for a lot of our clients!

What does it do?

It allows any wired switch to access iOS (or other bluetooth enabled) devices to carry out a whole range of functions. These include iOS Switch Control, Switch Adapted Apps, Music and Camera and, more recently, mouse clicks to use to support access via a pointing device such as EyeGaze or joystick.

Why do we love it?

Firstly, the flexibility it offers in allowing any wired switch to interface with iOS devices is huge. There are a vast number of specialist switches out there that cater specifically to our clients’ best method of access. We have utilised this with the Candycorn ‘proximity switch’, wobble switch and are exploring its use with the Emego muscle switch.

Secondly, the range of modes and functions available through a single device supports the user through their journey of switch access. It can be used simply as media control to ‘play’ and ‘pause’ music or video which doesn’t sound too exciting but certainly adds another dimension to the ‘cause and effect’ stage of switch use. It can then be changed to interact with the device as seen in the table below:

Thirdly (not finally, but for now…) It’s really, really easy to use! There are only 3 buttons and one screen and all the information you need is on the back. Whilst the user manual is helpful if you’d like a longer read about how it works, in theory it is good to go straight out of the box (once you’ve paired it with your device). Being wireless, its perfect for use with a mounted device. We have found that tidying up the wire between the switch and the APPlicator is much more effective than trying to hide a wire traipsing from your iPad at the end of a wheelchair mount back to the tray or table where the switch is located.

Where can you get it?

The APPlicator is made by the wonderful people at Pretorian and can be bought directly from their website. It is also sold by Inclusive Technology, both for £139 ex. VAT