SpecialEffect have found a successful way to use an Xbox adaptive controlled with a PS5 - Get in!

They have said you don’t need a network connection but you do need both a Titan Two adapter and a Besavior controller.

Here are the steps to make your PlayStation accessibility dreams come true…

  1. Programme a free slot on a T2 (set to AUTO) with this script.
  2. PINK: Link the XAC to the front of the T2.
  3. BLACK (optional): Connect a co-pilot gamepad to the other free front T2 port, to use an additional compatible controller alongside the XAC (the Besavior gamepad is needed for touchpad, Sixaxis and microphone access, but much of the rest of the inputs on the Besavior will not work).
  4. BLUE: Use the original short Titan Two cable to link the T2 OUTPUT port to the On The Go USB adapter, then into the underside port of the Besavior.
  5. RED: Give the T2 extra power (via the rear PROG port). This can come from the PS5’s small USB-C port on the front or one of the two USB-A ports on the back, a PC, or a Raspberry Pi 3B power supply.
  6. GREEN: Connect the Besavior USB port to the PS5. Make sure you’re in the correct T2 slot.
  7. Play!

For more information and troubleshooting click this LINK to be taken to SpecialEffects’s handy resources.