In October, we hosted our very first gaming social.

So many of our clients enjoy gaming and we saw this as an opportunity for them to come together, get to know each other, and play some games.

Our clients enjoy lots of different games and use a variety of different gaming platforms, with this in mind, we decided to connect everyone over Zoom whilst they played their games. This way, they were able to share what they were playing and watch others play too.

Al Haigh, our AT ambassador had pre-planned some questions, which we shared in advance with our clients and their SALTs, so conversation flowed and everyone had a turn speaking.

One parent said this after the gaming social, “Thank you for inviting him. He had a great time. It was nice to see everybody joining in.”

We now plan to hold gaming socials regularly throughout the year. Our next one is on December 22nd. If you would like to take part, know someone who would or would just like some more information, please email: